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    Tyler Durden

    Para sa newbies na gaya ko, Share lang kung ano ang plan nyo, For this year, this quarter.

    -Kung ano target nyong realistic na level of success this year.

    Ako na mauna tutal ako nag start nitong thread.

    less than 100k pa lang port ko ngayon, Target profit ko is around 5 thousand a week
    6- 8k a week sa next month. tapos 10k a week. 15k a week. and so on.

    Sa mga veterans po. Share naman kayo konting gameplan nyo nung nagsisimula pa lang. at kung okay lang, gusto lang namin ng konting idea kung magkano profit nyo every week hehe.

    Optimistic lang po.


    Gaanda ng plan mo sir tyler… keep it up…



    For me i started Oct 2016…and still newbie in this business from there i been experience lost around 7k coz like every body going to this with luck of knowledge and preparations…after few months just get from long term goal for blue chips. 1st gain that i get since from now around 12k…. again change plan i let my COL account to be my trading account and my 1st metro as my backup and for long term is BPI trade.

    My game plan:

    for 6 months i have capital of 220k including the gain COL account, for know my target gain for position trader is 10-30k for 2-3weeks holding plan. 10% for cutloss, 10-20% gain… for now i test my skill on chart and applying the technique, like Ms. G im using for my entry point “support and resistance” followed by MA,RSI,MACD and volume. hope to see in the following weeks if i have a good result=) will post some of my port here even lost or gain to be a guide for us cheers!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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