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    Fems Tolcidas

    Blue Chips are one of the safest markets to park your money in stocks trading.

    However, not all Blue Chips stocks are the same. Each one of them has its own market cycles.

    A very careful selection with your blue chips stocks should be done prior to committing your money into them. One of the primary considerations is the bullish structures that can facilitate growth of your trade position/s.

    $ICT is one of them.

    The Primary Trend of $ICT is resuming its bullish trend.

    After the corrections in Wave (4), the stock price of $ICT is likely to develop the internal subwaves of Wave (5) that will lead toward the projected Target Prices (TP).

    As blue chips take time to develop, a buy-and-hold- strategy may be the simplest form of trading the directional price movements of $ICT.

    Other trading technique is to trade it on a per price swing strategy. However, frequent market entries & exits often lead you to commit trading errors.

    Depending on your trading methodology, engaging with $ICT is still likely to be very profitable.

    Trade Wisely.

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