Hello Traders.
Here is my simple watch list for the month of MAY.
This is our guide and not a reco to Buy or Sell. Ang gusto ko po kasi is irreview natin at tignan kung ano yun naging conviction ng reading.

Eto po mga guide ko;
Support and Resistance
Moving Average

Trading Plan
1) Identify the set ups
2) Predict/Forecast highly probable PRZ
3) Decide your when/ where to Enter the Trades
4) Execute and Manage your Trades

Sa walang Trading Plan, magobserve na lang muna. Wag lalakasan ang loob ng walang research at study na ginawa. Di po ako naniniwala sa hype, sa bago lang po yun at naintindihan ko po yun. Kailangan at given ang Due Diligence sa Market so Caveats.

1) Discipline
2) Patience
3) Keep it Cool
4) Pala Dasal huehue 😛


$ALCO– Support at Fibs 78.6
Tweezer Bottom candle

$AGI– DOW theory application
Assertion that the averages often retrace half of their prior move
FIBS 50 guide/support

$ATN– Candles forming a Higher Lows
Be cautious with this because of price volatility

$BHI- FF the MA9
Is this a trend to follow…

$CAL- All eyes on $CAL
Dami inipet pakibounce na po….
AB=CD at P1.80, those conservative just wait for MA9

$MRC– Dami news at Hype lels….
The Pattern of Fractals and Pennant
MA9+ RSI 70 guide

$NOW- Technical Bounce may happen at the area of RSI 30
Medyo mahina pa, laging waiting sa catalyst na urong sulong

$PXP- Silent position, Birds eye view technique
Right Support is the KEY
Will history repeat itself?

$RLT- Position Trade, Patience is a must!!!


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  • Maam G, doon sa CAL po. If we are going to use adcd as basis for potential prz, do you disregard the fact that its 1.272 is at 2.04 more or less?

    Also when using abcd in your experience does the time factor matter? Kc doon po sa link nyo sa, it says you wish to follow the rules strictly, the cd leg should also complete at the same time frame as ab.

    sorry sa distorbo.

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