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I just want to share this. I wrote this because of messages asking me of how and why, and the list goes on. While others still struggling, most people hasn’t found it, yet. I started from zero with no parents to begin with. So for goodness sake please stop telling and complaining how hard it is especially when you have the resources to start with. If you’re going to ask me then of what I do have, I will never be ashamed to say that,

I have a DREAM and I have a GOD… 

Well let’s start with the Basic. 

1st- You must Have a VISION
2nd- You need to Set your GOALS 
3rd- Come up with a PLAN 
4th- Possess a Character that Never knows how to give up.

Today’s world is full of competition but, 
1) Do not indulge into them
2) Focus on your own 
3) Become better everyday so you can own your vision.

*For without Vision people perish…
*Without Goals, and Plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.
*Resiliency, that every effing time you fall, you only have one choice,,, Rise Again.

Good luck and God bless…

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