Megaworld Corporation is a real-estate company in the Philippines. The company develops large-scale, mixed-use, planned communities incorporating residential, commercial, educational, and leisure components. In addition it provides other services such as project design, construction oversight, and property management. Among its landmark projects is Forbes Town Center, a 6-hectare commercial and residential district in Fort Bonifacio Metro, Manila. Last May 31, 2016, Megaworld announced that they will build two more office towers, 10-storey One Republic Plaza, and six-storey Emperador House, in Davao City. (source at wikipedia)

This is the Chart and Trading idea for those who want to Buy, Invest and Trade the stock $MEG. Let’s see if the “Buy the Dips and Sell In May” is a good trading strategy for this stock.

If you are investing for a  long-term period  this is my advice: “You must focus on and  have your Buying Zone level, the so-called Buy below price (BBP). Long-term investor Buying levels are P3.50, P3.00 and P2.50. You can also use the PSEI as your guide, especially when the Index is trading below the 7k level. You have to be watchful of the support level. 6500 is a good start to Buy for the long haul. What if the Index breaks the 6000 level?”

Answer: simply put your Support line and remember your BBP, as simple as that.

No need to complicate  and stop stressing yourself.

You have to know the company, research it, what it is doing and who’s behind it.

Currently $MEG is trading the right shoulder pattern, with MA200 Resistance on their weekly and daily charts.

Daily Chart for those who are Trading $MEG.

This is a very small harmonic Gartley pattern. The 61.8 is the Golden retracement, the 78.6 is the D point.

Those two are your support levels.


Weekly Chart and its Head and Shoulders pattern.

1st Resistance is the line above the left shoulder.

I already mentioned your buying zone.

Enjoy your lows, your support, that is, your buying level and not the Resistance.


Weekly chart with Fibonacci which I did plot at the start of MA200.

The Golden retracement  and the 78.6 are your call for price support.

You may ask, what if the price is Trading at P4.00 and you want to Buy? Of course you can Buy as your start but after that if ever a pullback comes, know your Support. Charting is Simple, Execution is the only hard thing in the Stock Market.

The Chart is your Guide, the Chart is your Friend. Anything added to that is your Bonus.

If you have questions, or anything, simply comment at the comments section. Will visit this thread anytime I’m available.

In the end, you must always have your Trading Plan, Investment Strategy. In case  you have none, do not Buy or Trade. Write and have your own Plan. Enjoy Investing for the Future You.

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